Coherent communications are the preferred technology for transmitting data at a high speed, primarily in telecom networks, but also in Cloud systems and connections between data centers.

Three major types of lasers are used in coherent systems: External Cavity Lasers (ECL), Distributed Feedback Lasers (DFB) and Distributed Bragg Reflector Lasers (DBR). DAYY offers an ECL that is best suited for wide tuning ranges.

Applications coherent communication

Why use a DAYY Photonics source?

  1. Our light sources exhibit mode-hop-free tuning with wavelength resolution of 0.1pm and absolute wavelength accuracy within +10pm. The highly stable output and quick tuning speed of our continuous tuning models allow the units to be tuned over their entire range in less than a second.

  2. DAYY's technology provides outstanding performance with a wavelength resolution and repeatability of 1pm each, and a one-hour wavelength stability of +2pm.