Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors have become popular for applications related to structural health monitoring, biomedical engineering, and robotics.

FBG technology is one of the most popular choices for optical fiber sensors for strain or temperature. This is due to its simple design and relatively strong reflection capabilities. To use an FBG as a sensor, it must be illuminated by a light source with a broad spectrum, such as the kinds that DAYY Photonics makes.

DAYY light sources can increase the number of FBGs used in an install, enabling our customers to monitor more points.


  1. Broadband light sources like the kind DAYY makes are preferable for this application due to power density and intensity of the light source, allowing for the use of multiple sensors over large areas which employ large lengths of optical fiber and hundreds of sensors. DAYY light sources are ultra broadband, which means multiple channels can be used to match up to multiple sensors. Customers who use an optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) will know which part of the light has been reflected (FBG) or absorbed.

  2. DAYY's ease of SLED selection, wavelength dependency, and stability of the light source will greatly improve how efficiently sensors can be multiplexed.

  3. The DAYY ASE, G1, G2 solutions and their ability to be configured with an intuitive GUI interface, embedded within our ISB system, will provide the most highly flexible solution in the current marketplace.