Industrial Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) delivers contactless cross-sectional images of material objects. Light can be used to process or probe materials remotely, even through windows that enclose harsh and/or vacuum environments. With OCT, there is no surface contact, meaning there is no contamination of the process by the probe beam and no wear of tool edges.

With its ability to quickly reveal internal and external defects, changes in thickness and assemble details, OCT has become an indispensable tool to support a wide variety of applications.

OCT is used for laser technology, digital imaging, optoelectronics, and sensors. These types of technologies are then used for machine and equipment manufacturing of semiconductor equipment, laser material processing, healthcare and life sciences, industrial automation, automotive, and research.

Applications industrial optical coherence tomography

  1. DAYY light sources cover the typical bandwidths and output powers required for industrial OCT

  2. SLED light sources are optimal for OCT as they emit a spontaneous emission light, which achieves a wide spectrum width and low coherence. The wider the spectrum, the more accurate the measurements will be.