DAYY Photonics' tunable light sources are capable of measuring factors such as relative intensity noise (RIN) and stability of optical devices. Our Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) devices are an appropriate fit for optical sensing due to their broadband spectrum, unpolarized output, and low-coherence capabilities. DAYY's superluminescent diode (SLED) products combine the spatial coherence of a laser diode and the temporal coherence of an LED, allowing for a wide range of optical spectral coverage and flexible power levels, enabling usability within a wide range of optical sensing applications.

Applications optical sensing

  1. Our light sources possess the ability to increase the sensitivity and spectral reach of fiber sensors that detect pressure, strain, and temperature.

  2. Both the power and wide wavelength range of our sources allow many sensors on different wavelength channels to be multiplexed for multipoint/multiparameter sensing through an optical fiber network.

  3. Our light sources have high spectral density and low unevenness to enable measurement of more attenuated devices over a wider band.

  4. The SLED source characteristics of temperature insensitivity, broad emission wavelength, and high power enable the use of these fiber optic sensors for strain measurements for structural health as well as temperature and pressure sensors in hostile environments.