Some optical signals cause polarization dependent loss (PDL) or polarization-mode dispersion (PMD). DAYY light sources are able to serve as a reference for these applications, demonstrating whether or not, or the degree to which, polarization interference is occurring.

Our light sources exhibit mode-hop-free tuning with wavelength resolution of 0.1pm and absolute wavelength accuracy within +10pm. The highly stable output and quick tuning speed of our continuous tuning models allow the units to be tuned over their entire range in less than a second.

DAYY's technology provides outstanding performance with a wavelength resolution and repeatability of 1pm each, and a one-hour wavelength stability of +2pm.

Applications polarization testing

DAYY light sources are flexible and can be used for PMD and PDL analysis of fibers and broadband components, including measurement of passive components (couplers, isolators, and narrow bandwidth components (e.g., optical filters, Bragg gratings, and OADM)), and active components (e.g., EDFAs and PDFAs).