Launch of DAYY Photonics

Calgary, AB - DAYY Photonics is proud to announce the start of its business. The company specializes in photonic light sources with large spectral coverage, with key focus in single Superluminescent diodes sources (SLED), multi-SLED sources, Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) Sources, and external cavity tunable lasers. DAYY's products cover various spectral ranges from 750nm-1750nm and are used in a wide variety of applications including test and measurement, optical metrology, optical coherence tomography, fiber bragg grating interrogators, telecom test equipment, spectroscopy, R&D and more.

The company's mission is to manufacture the high quality photonic light sources which power the exacting needs of their diverse clientele and work with customers to customize the light sources to meet their specific needs.

“We believe that everyone at DAYY is part of our continuous improvement culture, and we are dedicated to delivering quality products and services to our clients,” said DAYY Photonics CEO “Our vision is to illuminate photonic solutions through continuous innovation of our own products and technology.”

DAYY Photonics use the highest-quality components that are manufactured consistently to their stringent specifications. After assembly, each system is tested in-house before it is carefully packaged and shipped to ensure that customers receive well-built and thoroughly inspected products.

“DAYY Photonics is not a third-party supplier, and every product we carry is based on our clients’ real-life needs,”. “We perform critical design, initial prototyping, and proof of design on-premise. We design our products with purpose from the ground up, which makes them streamlined and efficient."

“We have a track record of working closely with our customers to understand their unique challenges and requirements, providing them with the most effective solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations,”